Consumer Products EDI

E-commerce and internet sales are the way of the future.  Brick and mortar stores are closing by the hundreds, and the complex EDI requirements of the dot-coms must be met. 

Quality and accuracy are requirements. Lack of either will result in chargeback and fines that can often eliminate your slim profit margins.

Automating the processes with EDI eliminate many of the parts of the process where errors can creep in.

As more of the mass retailers become one-stop internet portals for consumer goods, you need to be able to quickly get on board and be able to often process direct-to-customer drop-ship orders quickly, and cost-effectively.

Offsite EDI is positioned to help you with the entire process from, interfacing with your ERP systems, your warehousing, be it company owned or a 3PL, and your expectations with big box customers such as Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot and many others  Contact Us today to get the ball rolling.


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